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Today was an overload day, for sure.

Danny called me this morning to talk about the Palm Springs trip while I was working on an email to our Popejoy Hall media buyer. Who did I send the email to? Danny. He just let me know after he got to Phoenix on his way home when he could check his emails. He doesn't know I was also working on three spreadsheets and dealing with two other do-in-now emails at the time, but that's that.

I did a couple of other things today where I got my wires crossed while I was doing 10 things at the same time. Multi-tasking only works if you can really do multi-tasking. Today, I couldn't. I had to pass off a serious project to one of my direct reports that I would normally do. But that being said, I had to run some stuff to the business center that I normally have student runners do, because they were all out sick (pink eye and the flu). Gawd. I did it on my way home, but of course that entails over a 1/2 mile walk to my car south, then driving west and north for a couple of miles to GET the business center, yakking with the controller while waiting for my 4 large packets of petty cash to be approved for disbursement, then dropping payables off to A/p, then hitting all three cashier at the bursars office AT THE SAME TIME to get the petty cash payments and deposits done. Then I went home and multi-tasked.

I had to breath deeply several times today when I was being pulled from several sides at once. I was a gentleman about everything. But inside, my head was exploding. And of course, my boss, who is also torn by several sides because of staffing quarrels between marketing and development have hit a head and I had to do some fast paced work to get an independent contractor into the system to do work that can't be done successfully by marketing (I could reference the unstable graphics designer still on staff, but that would be moot).

So glad it's Friday night. But still, when I was making meatloaf, I was multi-tasking in my head. The only thing that saved me was that I had latex gloves on for the making of the loaves, so I couldn't just drop what I was doing and do something else.

I'm going to go see if there is anyone to 2step with at the monthly booze-free dance at the Lloyd Shaw Dance Center. G'nite.

Date: 2013-03-09 11:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow! You had a mind-whirling day for sure!

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