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- Busier than ever at work. The season is over, but for some reason I'm inundated with with projects. Job security, I suppose! It's mostly interesting, as far as accounting type stuff is for year-end at a performing arts theatre.

- Tonight at c/w lessons, I succeeded in causing Danny to injure his hip. When I was demonstrating how NOT to twirl someone, he misbalanced and twisted wrong. I didn't know it until AFTER the lessons...sigh. He put an ice pack on it, took some ibuprophen and went to bed. He's such a sweet "Ginger" for me.

- The LOUD new refrigerator is going away in the next couple of days. Danny's about to order a different one from a local retailer, and have Best Buy come and haul the LOUD one off. I can hear it here in the office, 50 feet away down the hall. He's not that confident that any new fridge will be quiet, but he's googled every possible quiet model and I think that's what he's going for. You'd think for $900, you'd get a decent model, but no.

- Another dust storm today. We just don't GET those in June. Lots of clouds, lots of wind, no rain, at least here. Fires popped up all over the state, including one called the Skates Fire in southern NM. I get an interesting visual on that. Tonight the Isleta Casino was evacuated from a bosque fire that jumped the freeway and headed right toward it. That's just 15 miles south of us. The July monsoons can come none too soon for anyone.

- Watched the season finale of Dr Who tonight...Danny had recorded it. Got a bit interested in finding more about the actor that played 'Captain Jack Harkness.' His imdb entry (John Barrowman) says he's living with a man, an architect named Scott Gill! Yahoo! He's a Scotsman that grew up in the US, which explains his flawless American English. His career is in musical theatre and he's had some success at that. And the surprise is that he's in a spinoff of Dr Who in a new series as the Captain Jack character!

- A friend online has been telling me the sad story of his severely alcoholic partner who is in such bad shape that he's going to have to be put in a nursing home soon. He took his first trip ever without him a few weeks ago to go to a wedding in France...he says their 35th anniversary next week won't be very festive. But he's taking steps to take care of himself at this point, which is what is important.

- Been calling my mom more frequently lately, since she's been having tests to check on a 'shadow' the docs found on one of her lungs last month. She's very upbeat about it all, and she says the docs aren't that concerned, but since she's just shy of 84, *I* am concerned. She could have gone the same path as my father, but she quit smoking at 55. He died at 59.

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