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For years, Mesa del Sol has been touted as the next big new community in Albuquerque. It's only 11 minutes to the south, just south of the airport. Danny's been wanting to see what the homes are like there, as a possible move-to destination. So this morning, there's a 'big grand opening' of a few model homes in Phase I.

Remember, we live in a desert. If you look in the median, you'll see one of the two ENORMOUS rattlesnake art pieces that was commissioned on this new University Blvd extension a few years back.

The area with a few model homes. Pulte, Rachel Matthew and Ray-Lee have the only models so far. Apparently, over 40 years the community expects to have up to 37,000 homes here! It's nice that the garages are all in the back of the houses, there is going to be a lot of communal garden spaces, bike paths, walking paths. It just feels a bit early days right now.

Leading into the area, there are solar manufacturing companies, multiple sound stages for the (nearly bankrupt) Albuquerque Studios, and this building, where the university film studios are now located. It's sort a central business park area, or the beginnings of one, just across from the model homes. There are dozens of little tents set up for the 1000s of people they expect today, but it was pretty sparce since we went at 10am. The weather is GORGEOUS though, with a high in the low 80s expected today. Palm Springs weather again!

Another view of the few model homes there. I hope this community DOES happen, but the way we see it, the touted views will be non-existant in a few years after all the new 2 story construction is finished. But it was a nice, short drive and a good thing to see.

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